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AWS Services & Regions

Supported Services

Vantage will show 100% of your organization's accrued costs across all services. We also offer per-resource pricing on for the following services by using custom logic to query APIs for each individual AWS service. While we support per-resource pricing for the most popular services we do not offer support for all AWS services by default. That being said: if you have an AWS service you'd like to be supported we can typically add support for most AWS services in under a week.

To request new service support on Vantage, please email with the subject line of "New AWS Service Support" and please include as much information as you can about what information you'd like to see.

Below is a list of currently supported AWS services for Active Resources:

Service Description
CloudWatch Vantage supports CloudWatch Log Groups and its corresponding storage pricing.
CloudFront Vantage supports CloudFront and showing accrued costs per CloudFront distribution.
CodePipeline Vantage supports CodePipeline.
CodeBuild Vantage supports CodeBuild.
DynamoDB Vantage supports DynamoDB tables.
EBS Vantage supports all EBS volume types and corresponding pricing.
EC2 Vantage supports all EC2 instance types, all on-demand and spot pricing and supporting CloudWatch metrics & logs. Vantage also imports all underlying EC2 images where possible.
ECS Vantage supports ECS services and its corresponding pricing.
EFS Vantage supports EFS and its corresponding pricing.
ECR Vantage supports ECR and its corresponding pricing.
ELB Vantage supports ELB and its corresponding pricing.
Elasticache Vantage supports all Elasticache clusters.
EKS Vantage supports EKS and its corresponding pricing.
Elasticsearch Service Vantage supports Elasticsearch and its corresponding pricing.
Fargate Vantage supports Fargate services and its corresponding pricing.
Glacier Vantage supports Glacier Vaults its corresponding pricing.
IAM Vantage supports IAM Groups, IAM Users and IAM Roles.
Lambda Vantage supports Lambda and is currently bolstering more formal support for it.
KMS Vantage supports showing accrued costs for KMS Keys.
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) Vantage supports MSK and its corresponding pricing
MQ Vantage supports MQ Brokers and their corresponding pricing.
Networking primitives Vantage supports networking primitives like Elastic IPs, VPCs, Subnets, Availability Zones and Security Groups.
Redshift Vantage supports Redshift and its corresponding pricing.
Route53 Vantage supports Route 53 Hosted Zones and its corresponding pricing. We also have write access for Route 53 Record Sets.
RDS Vantage supports RDS and corresponding pricing.
S3 Vantage supports S3 Buckets and corresponding bucket pricing. We provide daily storage and object count figures. Vantage shows total costs per S3 Bucket as well as summaries by storage classes. We do not have permission to read from your S3 Buckets.
Secrets Manager Vantage supports AWS Secrets Manager and its corresponding pricing. We do not have permissions to read your secrets.
SNS Vantage supports showing accrued costs for SNS Topics.
SQS Vantage supports showing accrued costs for SQS Queue.
Workspaces Vantage supports AWS Workspaces and its corresponding pricing.

Supported Regions

Vantage supports the following AWS regions. In the event your region isn't listed and you'd like it added, please contact Vantage support at and we are happy to help. In some cases, we can add the region and in other regions such as GovCloud there are some complications.

Region Name
us-east-1 US East, North Virginia
us-east-2 US East, Ohio
us-west-1 US West, Northern California
us-west-2 US West, Oregon
ap-east-1 Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
ap-south-1 Asia Pacific, Mumbai
ap-northeast-1 Asia Pacific, Tokyo
ap-northeast-2 Asia Pacific, Seoul
ap-southeast-1 Asia Pacific, Singapore
ap-southeast-2 Asia Pacific, Sydney
ca-central-1 Canada, Central
eu-central-1 Europe, Frankfurt
eu-west-1 Europe, Ireland
eu-west-2 Europe, London
eu-west-3 Europe, Paris
eu-south-1 Europe, Milan
eu-north-1 Europe, Stockholm
me-south-1 Middle East, Bahrain
sa-east-1 South America, Sao Paulo
af-south-1 Africa, Cape Town