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Set Up Azure

Create a free Vantage account then follow the steps below to integrate Azure costs.

Azure Cost Reports

Connecting Your Azure Account

Vantage integrates with your Azure account through the use of a Active Directory Service Principal. This principal is then assigned access to either management groups or individual subscriptions.

You can connect hundreds of Azure subscriptions to Vantage through the management group method. Any subscriptions that are part of a resource group will be automatically imported.


The service principal is granted Reader permissions. It does not have permissions nor will it ever attempt to make any changes to your infrastructure.

Create an Azure Service Principal

az ad sp create-for-rbac -n "vantage"

This will output the following:

"appId": "2d218f0f5-7ad5-4a12-abc7-bad2889d6407",
"displayName": "vantage",
"password": "8zkj3~yswKd433U12SHrvp22UoA6tOOOkZ_BYar2",
"tenant": "1050a480-ef60-43d7-b8db-224aad100b60"

Record the appId, tenant and password as you will enter these into the Vantage console.

Grant the Service Principal Permissions

Grant Permissions to the 'appId' from the service principal created above. The scope can be a subscription or management group.

az role assignment create --assignee <SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_APP_ID> \
--role Reader \
--scope "/providers/Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/<MANAGEMENT_GROUP_ID>"

Save the Credentials in Vantage

Visit the integrations page and add an Azure Integration.

Azure Connection

Azure Cost and Rightsizing Recommendations

Vantage currently supports cost recommendations for Compute Reserved Instances and Compute Unattached Virtual Hard Disks (Disks which have not been attached to a VM in the last 30 days). Each recommendation shows potential savings value which is not something that is shown in Azure Advisor. Savings estimates are displayed in USD.

Kubernetes and AKS

Vantage supports Kubernetes cost allocation on Azure, including Kubernetes clusters running on VMs or through AKS. Vantage recommends using the Vantage Kubernetes agent to monitor and ingest Kubernetes costs from Azure.

Feature Availability for Azure

The following features support connected Azure accounts: