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Setup Azure#

Create a free Vantage account then follow the steps below to integrate Azure costs.

Azure Cost Report

Connecting Your Azure Account#

Vantage integrates with your Azure account through the use of a Active Directory Service Principal. This principal is then assigned access to either management groups or individual subscriptions. Any subscriptions that are part of a resource group will be automatically imported.

Read-Only by Default#

The service principal is granted Reader permissions. It does not have permissions nor will it ever attempt to make any changes to your infrastructure.

Creating an Azure Service Principal#

az ad sp create-for-rbac -n "vantage"

This will output the following:

  "appId": "2d218f0f5-7ad5-4a12-abc7-bad2889d6407",
  "displayName": "vantage",
  "password": "8zkj3~yswKd433U12SHrvp22UoA6tOOOkZ_BYar2",
  "tenant": "1050a480-ef60-43d7-b8db-224aad100b60"

Record the appId, tenant and password as you will enter these into the Vantage console.

Granting the Service Principal Permissions#

Grant Permissions to the 'appId' from the service principal created above. The scope can be a subscription or management group.

az role assignment create --assignee <SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_APP_ID> \ 
  --role Reader \ 
  --scope "/providers/Microsoft.Management/managementGroups/<MANGEMENT_GROUP_ID>"

Save the Credentials in Vantage#

Visit the integrations page and add an Azure Integration.

Azure Connection