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As an infrastructure tool that requires access to your cloud provider we understand there may be questions, concerns and necessary clarification around our own infrastructure, processes and procedures. We as developers on Vantage are also customers of Vantage to more closely align our security concerns with those of our customers. Lastly, our team has worked at public cloud infrastructure providers including Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean and are applying best practices learned at these providers to ensure security is handled as best it can.

Cross Account IAM Roles

Vantage leverages something called Cross Account IAM Roles to sync information about your infrastructure resources. This means we don't store sensitive information like account access keys and access key secrets to use Vantage. This method is the AWS recommended approach and is detailed in depth by AWS here for you to learn more. When you grant access to your AWS account to Vantage by running the provided CloudFormation stack, it creates a cross account role with in-line policies selected by Vantage. These policies are a trimmed down version of the policies in the AWS-managed "ReadOnlyAccess" policy but we've removed actions that would otherwise allow us to access sensitive information in databases, buckets and certain services. Our CloudFormation template is open source and hosted publicly here for transparency. Should you have any other questions please feel free to email us at

Customizing Cross Account Role Permissions

Vantage requests various in-line read-only permissions when creating the cross account role on your behalf. However, we understand this can be too broad of a permission set for certain use-cases. As a result, we do allow for creating Cross Account IAM roles with whatever permissions you're comfortable with. It is important to understand that as a result of narrowing the scope of the permissions Vantage has certain functionality that will be limited.

If you email in advance of that we are happy to facilite provisioning your account with a custom role prior to then. Please note that we will provide you with some custom attributes to associate with your Cross Account Role to prevent against the Confused Deputy problem so please contact Vantage support prior to creating your role.

Data Caching

Data about your cloud infrastructure is cached on Vantage's production infrastructure. We do this in order to provide a fast and user-friendly experience. We do not cache all information about your cloud infrastructure. In the event you remove your account with Vantage, we delete all corresponding data from our databases. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit wherever possible.

Data Revocation

In your account settings page you have the ability to revoke the Cross Account IAM Role at any time. Automatically and nearly instantly, Vantage will delete all data associated with that Cross Account IAM Role. It doesn't remove your set of custom Vantage Views created - however all of those views will be empty as there are no resources.

In your account settings page you also have the ability to delete your account. Upon deleting your account all data is deleted.

Team Security

Everyone on our team has spent time working at a major cloud infrastructure provider and is well versed in cloud security. We ensure the bare minimum of team members have access to our own AWS cloud infrastructure. Currently the number of team members with access is only two people.

Data Sharing

We do not share any data externally. We do not sell or share any user data with any third parties.