Vantage allows you to connect multiple AWS accounts to the same Vantage account. When your Vantage account is created you are assigned a "Default" workspace but you have the ability to create multiple workspaces. Each workspace is a logical grouping of AWS accounts and has its own respective set of views. There are two main use-cases we see for customers leveraging workspaces on Vantage.

  • Grouping resources together across AWS accounts: One customer on AWS sometimes has multiple AWS accounts for the same company. Vantage customers will use a single workspace to group multiple AWS accounts together to view all resources in the same console and views.
  • Context Switching Between AWS Accounts: Some customers (such as indepedendent contractors) will create a workspace per customer of theirs. This allows them to quickly do discovery of the resources in that AWS account and level set for assisting those customers and context switch between accounts quickly while keeping respective views and resources separate.

When you have more than one workspace in your Vantage account a workspace menu will appear in your navigation menu for you to switch between workspaces. Workspaces are also represented on your account page for you to view, add AWS accounts to and delete whenever you'd like.

Please note the restrictions on AWS account limits per Vantage account on the pricing page.