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πŸ’‘ What Is Observability?​

Cloud cost observability is the practice of monitoring cloud spending to gain insights into resource usage, what's driving your costs, and opportunities to optimize. Vantage offers the following observability tools:

  • Cost anomalies in Vantage notify teams of excess costs and help engineers fix misconfigurations or other problems before they become very expensive.
  • Vantage analyzes your infrastructure as it evolves and changes and provides cost recommendations to lower your bill.

πŸ’­Β Why Should I Use Observability Tools?​

It’s always better to know about something before it happens. Recommendations and anomaly alerts are tools that let you know about increasing costs. They provide a way for you to quickly act and implement cost-saving measures for your organization before costs get out of hand.

πŸ“ Observability Tools Use Cases​

  • You are a site reliability engineer (SRE) and you are responsible for monitoring Datadog logs. You create a Cost Report for Datadog costs and set up an anomaly alert that will let you know if Log Management costs get out of hand.
  • As a platform engineer, you are responsible for ensuring that Kubernetes clusters are properly configured with the right amount of resources to optimize performance and cost. You use Vantage Kubernetes rightsizing recommendations to see your current usage and notice many of your clusters are overprovisioned. You implement these recommendations to realize the potential monthly savings.

πŸ“š Lesson 1: View Cost Anomalies and Alerts​

πŸ“š Lesson 2: View Cost Recommendations​

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