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Account Management

πŸ’‘ What Are Workspaces?​

Workspaces in Vantage provide users with the ability to link multiple cloud infrastructure provider accounts to a single Vantage account. These workspaces serve as separate environments where users can organize and analyze costs and resources, either within individual cloud provider accounts or across multiple providers.

πŸ’­Β Why Should I Use Workspaces?​

Workspaces in Vantage offers several benefits:

  • Cost Visibility: Workspaces enable users to gain a comprehensive view of expenses within a specific cloud provider account or across multiple providers, facilitating better cost management and optimization.
  • Resource Organization: By grouping resources within workspaces, teams can create focused views tailored to their specific needs.
  • Access Control: With role-based access controls (RBAC) (Enterprise feature), administrators can also limit user access to different workspaces.

πŸ“ Workspaces Use Cases​

  • As a cloud administrator overseeing a diverse infrastructure, you can create a distinct Vantage workspace for each of your environments, such as Production, Staging, and Development. Then, specify which provider accounts are associated with which workspace. For example, a particular Datadog account may be associated with only yourΒ DevelopmentΒ workspace.
  • As a product manager who is responsible for overseeing various products or services, attributing costs accurately is important for team accountability. By creating separate workspaces for each product or service, you can isolate expenses, track resource utilization, and easily assess the financial performance of individual offerings.

πŸ“š Lesson 1: Navigate Workspaces​

πŸ“š Lesson 2: Manage Workspace Provider Integrations​

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