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Dashboards contain a set of Cost Reports, segment reports, resource reports, or financial commitment reports. You can apply date range and period filters (e.g., display daily costs) to all reports on the dashboard. A consistent date range across all reports on the dashboard can help with cost comparison between different reports. You can assign any number of reports to a dashboard, regardless of which folder the report is in. Once a dashboard is created, you can modify the name and date settings as well as add/remove reports from the dashboard.

Create a Dashboard

  1. From the top navigation, click Cost Reporting.
  2. On the left menu, select Dashboards. All existing dashboards are displayed within this view.
  3. Click + New.
  4. Enter a Name.
  5. Under Add Reports, select the reports you want displayed on the dashboard.

    At this time, you cannot add widgets from the Overview page, such as Provider Summary.

  6. Click Save. Reports are displayed on the dashboard in alphabetical order, by report name.
A dashboard in the console displayed with four different reports

For each displayed report, click View Report to open that report outside the dashboard.

Save a Dashboard to Favorites

To save a dashboard to your favorites, navigate to the Dashboards page, then click the star icon to the right of the Created On column. Access your starred dashboard from the Starred By Me screen in the left navigation. Dashboards you create are also displayed on the Created By Me screen.

Delete a Dashboard

To delete a dashboard, navigate to the Dashboards page, then click the ellipses to the right of the Created On column. Click Delete.

Customize a Dashboard

On the dashboard, you can apply the following customizations:

  • To change the date range of all displayed Cost Reports, click Customize. Select a date range and click Apply. Click Save to keep these settings. Click Clear Filters to remove filter updates.
  • To change the date grouping, click the Choose Period menu. Select either Cumulative, Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. Click Save to keep these settings. Click Clear Filters to remove filter updates.
  • To create a new dashboard based on an existing dashboard, click the down arrow next to Save. Then, click Save as New. You can then enter a new dashboard name and add additional reports.
  • To reset each Cost Report back to its original settings, click Reset.
  • To add more reports to the dashboard or change the dashboard's name, click Edit.

Add a Saved Filter to a Dashboard

You can use saved filters to apply consistent filter logic to multiple Cost Reports on a dashboard. If you have a dashboard of high-level Cost Reports (e.g., filtered only to connected providers or services), and you want to further filter a dashboard to a team or specific category, you can use saved filters on dashboards to quickly apply this logic.

  1. From the top right of any dashboard, click the Saved Filters dropdown menu.
  2. Select one or more saved filters. The filter logic is applied across all Cost Reports on the dashboard.

    When you add a saved filter to a dashboard, if a preexisting filter on a Cost Report and the saved filter use the same provider (e.g., both use AWS), "AND" logic is used between each filter set (i.e., show costs where the preexisting filter AND saved filter are true). If the preexisting filter and saved filter use different providers, “OR” logic is used between each filter set.

Share a Dashboard

From the top of any dashboard, click Share. A link is added to your clipboard where you can share the dashboard with any Vantage user in your organization who has access to view the dashboard. Each report on the dashboard also has a share option, with a unique link.