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Oracle Cloud

Create a free Vantage account then follow the steps below to integrate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) costs.

Oracle Cost Reports

Connecting Your Oracle Account

Vantage uses a read-only IAM user and API key to read from a Cost and Usage Reports object storage bucket. When connecting Oracle you will be required to create a Vantage-specific IAM user and upload a generated RSA public key to that user. That user must then be granted access to read objects from the Cost and Usage Report tenancy.

Integration Setup

To connect your Oracle account, open the Oracle Settings page and click on the Connect tab and follow the instructions. You will be asked to run a series of commands to give Vantage permission to ingest cost and usage information from your Oracle Cloud account through an API key.

After running these commands, you will have a Tenancy and User ID to input into Vantage as well as a home region to select. Once input, your Oracle integration status should move from Pending to Importing automatically. Oracle generally delivers usage logs once per day. The default timeframe for imports is 6 months of historical costs.

Oracle Cloud Reporting Dimensions

Oracle Cost Reports enable you to filter Oracle costs along several dimensions:

  • Service
  • Tenancy
  • Region
  • Cost Category
  • Resource
  • Tag
  • Region
  • Compartment