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Setup Databricks#

Create a free Vantage account then follow the steps below to integrate Databricks costs.

Connecting Your Databricks Account#

Vantage integrates with your Databricks account through the use of Billable Usage Logs. Vantage provides an S3 bucket for Databricks to deliver usage logs to on a periodic basis.

Billing Data Only#

Databricks delivers cost only data to the bucket outlining the Databricks service utilized, usage in DBU, and metadata related to workspace, cluster, and any related tags.

Integration Setup#

To connect your Databricks account, open the Databricks Settings page and . Click on Setup Account and follow the instructions. Once created, you will see an additional set of instructions that are run against the Databricks Account API to finalize the integration. Once followed your Databricks integration status should move from Pending to Importing automatically. Databricks generally delivers usage logs once per day.