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Vantage integrates with your Confluent account using a Confluent API key and secret to access the Billing API. This endpoint provides structured cost data, broken down by by category (e.g., Kafka or Connect), resource (e.g., Kafka Cluster), and subcategory (e.g., Kafka Storage or Connect Capacity).

Vantage currently supports the following Confluent products:

  • Kafka
  • Connect
  • KSQL
  • Audit Logs
  • Cluster Links
  • Custom Connect
  • Support Cloud

Connect Your Confluent Account


Create a free Vantage account, then follow the steps below to generate a Confluent API key.


Confluent requires an OrganizationAdmin role on the service account used in order to access the Billing API. See the Confluent documentation for information on how to add the role to your service account.

The OrganizationAdmin role provides read/write access; however, Vantage will never perform write operations and will only read from the Billing API and Organizations API.

  1. Log in to the Confluent Cloud console.
  2. From the top right of the console, click the hamburger menu.
  3. Under ADMINISTRATION, click Cloud API keys.
  4. Click Create key.
  5. For the scope, select the Granular access tile.
  6. Select an existing service account or create a new one.
  7. Copy the key and the secret to add to Vantage.

Create the Connection

  1. From the Vantage console, navigate to the Confluent Settings page.
  2. Click Add API Key.
  3. Enter your newly created API key and API secret.
  4. Click Connect Account.
  5. On the Confluent Settings page, you will see your account listed with a Status of Imported.

Costs will be ingested and processed as soon as you add the integration. It usually takes less than 15 minutes to ingest Confluent costs. As soon as the costs are processed, they will be available on your All Resources Cost Report.


Confluent data refreshes daily in the Vantage console.

Next Steps: Manage Workspace Access

Once your costs are imported, select which workspaces this integration is associated with. See the Workspaces documentation for information.

Confluent Reporting Dimensions

On Confluent Cost Reports, you can filter costs across several dimensions:

  • Organization
  • Service (e.g., Kafka)
  • Category (e.g., Kafka Storage)
  • Resource

You can also view credits or discounts for Confluent costs in Cost Reports.

  1. At the top of any Confluent Cost Report, click Settings.
  2. Then, toggle on/off Credits and/or Discounts.

Active Resources

Confluent Kafka Clusters are synced as active resources and available in resource reports.