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πŸ’‘ What Is Budgeting in Vantage?​

In Vantage, you can create budgets and be alerted if costs are trending over budget. You can import budgets for hundreds of accounts, organizational units, and services as part of annual planning. Configure alerts for email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams when costs are trending over budget, with quick links to investigate.

πŸ’­Β Why Should I Use Vantage Budgets?​

Using Vantage budgets allows you to control cloud spending effectively, ensuring costs stay within planned limits. You can create multiple alerts for various teams or projects to ensure budgets stay on track.

πŸ“ Budgets Use Cases​

  • As a financial analyst, you create a budget for the entire organization. You configure the associated alert to notify you 10 days before the end of the month if costs are trending over budget. This allows you to review and adjust spending in time to stay within financial targets, ensuring that there are no surprises at month-end and supporting accurate financial reporting and planning.
  • As an application owner, you are responsible for ensuring that costs don't exceed the budget allocated to your specific application. You create a budget and alert that notifies you when costs have exceeded 75% of the budget. This way, you can take proactive measures to adjust resource usage for your application and stay within your team’s allocated budget.

πŸ“š Lesson 1: Create a Budget​

πŸ“š Lesson 2: Create Budget Alerts​

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