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Vantage connects to Coralogix organizations through gRPC API calls. After Vantage is authorized to access your Coralogix organization, Vantage will ingest data using the Coralogix Data Usage Service API endpoints. No access is granted to the Coralogix-connected applications. Vantage can see only usage data related to the connected services.

Vantage supports the Logs, Metrics, and Spans services, as well as the application and subsystem names for your account. The subsystem name typically refers to the environment (e.g., production, development, or staging). The application name typically refers to the name of the service or applications that send your logs, metrics, and traces. Both the subsystem and application names can be customized, so your values may be different.

Connect Your Coralogix Account


Create the Connection

  1. Log in to the Coralogix dashboard.

    If you experience issues logging in to your dashboard, your account may be using a different domain. Ensure you use the correct domain to log in to your dashboard.

  2. From the top navigation, expand the Data Flow menu.
  3. Select API Keys.
    Expand to view example image
    The Coralogix Data Flow menu with the API Key option highlighted
  4. Under Alerts, Rules and Tags API Key, click GENERATE NEW API KEY. Click the copy icon next to the key and copy the generated key.
    Expand to view example image
    The Coralogix API Access screen. A box is displayed around the Generate New API Key option.
  5. In the top-right corner of the navigation bar, click your user profile icon. Then, select Organization Admin Console.
    Expand to view example image
    The Coralogix profile menu. A box is displayed around the Organization Admin Console option.
  6. The Organization Admin Console screen is displayed. From the left navigation menu, under Account, select Preferences.
  7. The Account Preferences screen is displayed. In the Change Team name and URL section, copy the part of the domain after your team's name. For example, if your domain is, then copy only
    Expand to view example image
    The Coralogix Account Preferences screen. A number 1 tooltip is displayed next to the Preferences option. A number 2 tooltip is displayed next to the team name and URL option.
  8. Navigate to the Integrations page in Vantage.
  9. Select Coralogix and select the Connect tab.
  10. At the bottom of the page, click Add API Key.
  11. Enter your previously generated API Key and the Domain you copied.
  12. Enter a Description for this connection. The Description is your team name and is also available in your Coralogix domain URL (e.g., in, use test-team).
  13. Click Connect Account.
  14. After you authorize a connection, on the Coralogix Settings page, you will see the status of your connection change to Importing.

Costs will be ingested and processed as soon as you add the integration. It usually takes less than 15 minutes to ingest Coralogix costs. Once costs are processed, they will be available on your All Resources Cost Report.


Based on limits imposed by Coralogix, the integration includes 90 days of historical Coralogix usage and cost data. Coralogix data refreshes daily in Vantage.

Coralogix Reporting Dimensions

On Coralogix Cost Reports, you can filter costs across several dimensions:

  • Service (e.g., Logs, Metrics, Spans)
  • Category (subsystem name)
  • Subcategory (application name)

Because the Metrics service doesn’t have a subsystem or application name, costs for this service can't be filtered by category or subcategory.

Manage Workspace Access

See the Workspaces documentation for information on how to update workspace access for an integration.