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Account Settings

From the Vantage account Settings page, you can edit your personal profile, create API access tokens, and configure organizational settings.

General Settings


Only Organization Owners can configure organization settings. See the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) documentation for details.

From the top navigation bar of the Vantage console, click Settings. On the side navigation bar, review the options under General Settings.

Manage Workspaces

Provider integrations are organized into workspaces. From the Workspaces section, you can manage each of your workspaces as well as create a new one. See the Workspaces documentation for more information.

View Billing & Plans

From the Billing & Plans section, you can view your usage, current plan, and previous payments/invoices.

If you need to use a different email address for invoicing, please contact Vantage Support at

Invite Users to Your Account

From the People section, you can invite new users, view a user's role and team associations, and remove users. To invite a new user:

  1. Under General Settings, select People.
  2. Click Invite People.
  3. Enter the user's email and select a role and associated teams.
  4. Click Send Invitation. The new user's name will appear in the People list with Invite Pending as well as a link to Resend the invite.

Click the ellipses (...) next to a user's name to edit or remove a user.

Configure Teams

See the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) documentation for details on team configuration.

Configure Authentication

Vantage supports many Single Sign-On (SSO) options. See the SSO documentation for more information.

Configure Integrations

Configure provider integrations from the General settings. See the Integrations documentation for more information.

Personal Settings

From the top navigation bar of the Vantage console, click Settings. On the side navigation bar, review the options under Personal Settings.

Update Your Profile

In the Profile section, you can change your display name as well as your email address. Note that changing your email will log you out and require you to re-confirm.

Create a Vantage API Access Token

You can use the Vantage API to programmatically access cloud pricing data.

To generate an API token:

  1. On the left navigation of the Settings screen, select API Access Tokens.
  2. Enter a new token name, select the Read and/or Write scope, and click Create.
  3. Click Show to reveal and copy your token.

To revoke a token, click Delete.

Reset Your Password


The following steps are for users who directly sign in to Vantage.

If you forget your password or would like to change your password, follow the below steps.

  1. From the top-right corner of the console, click the profile icon, then click Logout.
  2. You will return to the Login screen. Type your email in the Email Address field. Then, click Continue.
  3. On the Sign In page, click Forgot your password? and enter your email again.
  4. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click confirm the password change, then enter a new password.
  5. Click the right-facing arrow, then go to to sign in with your new password.