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Teams can use issues to coordinate and collaborate in Vantage. Consider the below use case.

An organization notices a sudden spike or increase in costs related to a certain service. This service has an attached tag related to a particular team. The manager creates an issue on Vantage for the team to investigate the cost anomaly. The manager can quickly see comments and progress from their team and monitor associated costs on the attached Cost Report.

You can create issues, assign them to members in a workspace, and associate issues with a Cost Report. Team members can comment on issues, adjust an issue's category and status, and estimate the potential cost-savings impact associated with the issue.

Create an Issue

  1. From the top navigation, select Financial Planning. Then, on the left navigation, select Issues.
  2. All existing issues are displayed. The Issues page has two tabs: Open and Closed.
  3. From the top right of the Issues screen, click New Issue.
  4. Add the following items:
    • Enter an issue Title (required).
    • Add an issue description (optional) in the comment box. You can use Markdown or the format bar options to format your text. Click Preview above the comment box to see the text rendered with associated formats.
    • On the right panel, click the gear icon in the Assignee (optional) box to add one or more Vantage users.
    • For Categories (optional), select an option from the list. To add a new category, click Manage Categories. The Manage Categories screen is displayed in a new tab. You can add and delete categories from this screen.
    • For Linked Cost Reports (optional), select an associated Cost Report or Segment Report where the issue was identified.
    • For Estimated Savings Value (optional), enter a monthly or annual estimated savings based on what you identified as the issue.
  5. Click Create issue. The Status will now be Open. Users can comment on issues as well as close completed issues.

Close and Reopen Issues

  1. From the Issues list, select any issue.
  2. At the bottom of the issue, click Mark as Resolved. The issue's Status is displayed as Closed.

Receive Issue Notifications

You will receive email notifications in the following situations:

  • When an issue is created and you're assigned.
  • When another user comments on an issue you've created, been assigned to, or also commented on.
  • When an issue you are assigned to or subscribed to is closed by another user.
  • When an issue you are assigned to or subscribed to is reopened by another user.

To manually subscribe to an issue and receive notifications, open an existing issue. In the Notifications box, click Subscribe.

Create Issues via Annotations

Issues are automatically created when an annotation is added to a Cost or Segment Report. See the Annotations documentation for more information.