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For every Cost Report, Vantage will produce a forecast of where your costs are expected to be by the end of the current month. These forecasts are based off of your account's actual cost data and produced from a Vantage-developed machine learning model that is trained anonymously from all Vantage customers to be as accurate as possible.

Vantage gives a range of an upper-expected-band and a lower-expected-band with a median forecast that is the middle of these two ranges. This forecast is updated daily as new cost data arrives.

Below is a picture of an example Cost Forecast.

Example Cost Forecast

AWS Service Forecasts

In addition to seeing forecasts in aggregate for Cost Reports, you can also see a per AWS service cost forecast by clicking the rows in the table below. This will show you forecasts for each individual AWS service.

Forecast Generation

Forecasts take some time to generate - typically within 10 minutes but is dependent on the amount of data composing a Cost Report. If you don't see a forecast being generated temporarily after creating your account or creating a new Cost Report check back in after about 10-15 minutes and it should appear.

Forecasts for Member Accounts, Tags, or Regions

Forecasts are generated for every Cost Report. As a result, if you would like to see a forecast for a specific member account, tag or region you can simply create a Cost Report with the dimensions you desire and a forecast will be generated accordingly.