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New Relic

Create a free Vantage account then follow the steps below to integrate New Relic costs.


Vantage integrates with your New Relic account through the use of NerdGraph, New Relic's GraphQL API, and accesses that via an API token. You will need to generate an API token. You will also need your Account ID.

Connecting your New Relic Account

To connect your New Relic account, open the New Relic Settings page in the Vantage console. Follow the instructions which require performing the following operations in the New Relic console. Begin by clicking Add Connection in the Vantage console.

Get your Account ID

You will need your Account ID.

Create a User API Key

You will need a User API Key.

Negotiated Pricing

You will want to have access to the specific pricing for your account when configuring your integration. This can include the per-gigabyte ingestion rate, amount of free ingestion per month, core and full platform user pricing, and any free user seats.

New Relic Reporting Dimensions

New Relic Cost Reports enable you to filter New Relic costs along several dimensions:

  • Account
  • Service
  • Category