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New Relic

Vantage integrates with your New Relic account using NerdGraph, New Relic's GraphQL API. It accesses the API using an API token.

Connect Your New Relic Account


Create a free Vantage account, then follow the steps below to generate a New Relic API token and obtain your Account ID.

  1. Log in to your New Relic account. Then, follow the instructions in the New Relic documentation to create a User key.
  2. Once you've created a new User key, you will see the key in your API keys list. Click the ellipses next to the key in the list and select Copy key. You will need this value for completing the integration with Vantage.
  3. To obtain your Account ID, follow the instructions provided in the New Relic documentation. Copy the value for your Account ID.

Create the Connection

  1. Navigate to the New Relic Settings page in the Vantage console.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. Paste your New Relic Account ID and New Relic API Key you previously obtained into the provided fields.
  4. Complete the additional fields based on the specific pricing for your account. This can include the per-gigabyte ingestion rate, amount of free ingestion per month, core and full platform user pricing, and any free user seats. For more information on New Relic pricing, see the New Relic documentation.
  5. Click Connect Account. Vantage will automatically begin ingesting and visualizing your costs within the Vantage console, which may take a few minutes.

New Relic data refreshes daily in the Vantage console.

Next Steps: Manage Workspace Access

Once your costs are imported, select which workspaces this integration is associated with. See the Workspaces documentation for information.

New Relic Reporting Dimensions

On New Relic Cost Reports, you can filter across several dimensions:

  • Account
  • Service
  • Category (e.g., New Relic Users - CoreUsers)