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OpenCost is an emerging specification for Kubernetes costs. Vantage can ingest costs via OpenCost and Prometheus Remote Write and display them in the console. Any environments supported by OpenCost, including AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-prem, are supported by Vantage.

OpenCost is the recommended way to integrate Kubernetes cost reporting into Vantage.

Installing OpenCost#

OpenCost can be installed by following this) quickstart guide. Ensure you set the cluster_id value when deploying so that Vantage can properly assign costs to a specific cluster.

Configuring Prometheus#

To push OpenCost metrics to Vantage, follow the instructions to enable Prometheus to scrape the /metrics endpoint.

Contact to have a prometheus endpoint provisioned. Once provisioned you will receive the necessary url and credentials for the prometheus remote_write config. From there Vantage will begin ingesting these costs and they will be available in Cost Reports.