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Find Hidden Costs

With team accountability and executive reporting in place, there are usually opportunities to turn off or optimize resources that are unexpectedly driving costs. Vantage has numerous "cost debugging" features to help you drill down into where your spend is going.

Review Active Resources

Snowflake Cost Reports

The Active Resources feature provides a list of all resources currently driving costs in your account. Active resources currently support AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and MongoDB Atlas. Click into each resource to see full details about where it is incurring costs.

Analyze Subcategory Costs

Snowflake Cost Reports

To drill down into specific resources, like EC2 instances, Azure VMs, or Google Cloud VMs, you can use Cost Reports. Click through Service -> Resource -> Category -> Subcategory to reach the most granular object that the provider has billing data for.

View Cost Anomaly Alerts

Cost Anomaly Alerts automatically detect anomalies, but these alerts must be configured.

Once you have created Cost Reports, navigate to the Anomalies tab on each report to view costs that the Vantage algorithm has detected as being outside the normal or expected range. You can drill into these costs by clicking through the categories displayed on the report and also configure alerts to be sent to Slack, Teams, or email for future anomalies.

Additional User Workflows