Audit Log

Vantage has a feature called "Audit Log" available for customers in our business tier that allows you to see an audit log on a per-resource basis of everythint that has changed for the resource.

For supported resources, Vantage will give you a running log of what changes were made to that resource which you can use for record purposes and governance. When you upgrade your account to the business tier, you'll have this feature available to you for supported services on the "Audit Log" tab.

Example use-cases:

  • IAM Role History: Be able to see what users made what changes to certain roles.
  • Container Service Changes: See what changes to your ECS & Fargate services by what users (or other AWS services such as CodeDeploy)
  • [Soon] Create views from audit logs: Be able to see what users are logging into the console for security posture.